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The poll has been sent to the "all" list.  If you didn't receive (and
think you should have) please let me know!


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On July 27, 2012, you received a brief update on the possibilities for
the Kantara Initiative interaction regarding the NSTIC Steering Group.
This is a poll to assist the Board of Trustees to understand Membership
opinion, and is not binding in any way.

There are four possibilities regarding Kantara's participation:
* No participation;
* Participate as an Observing Member; or
* Participate as a Participating Member; or
* Participate as a liaison organization (Note that the liaison process
is not defined in the NSTIC Steering Group to date).

Below is a link to a survey for you to submit your opinion on this
matter.  Please respond to this survey no later than *5 September 2012*.
Note that one intent of this activity is to provide a publicly available
report upon conclusion of the poll. No names or personally identifiable
information will be shared without permission.

Please contact support at kantarainitiative.org if you have any questions.
Thank you for your time and input.

Survey link: 


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