[KI-LC] Draft minutes of LC telecon 2011-03-16

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Wed Mar 16 17:07:09 EDT 2011

Quorum is 7 of 12 as of 10 Nov 2010.

Consumer ID WG: represented by Bob Pinheiro
ID Assurance WG: represented by Myisha Frazier-McElveen
User-Managed Access WG: represented by Eve Maler
Healthcare ID Assurance WG: represented by Pete Palmer
eGov WG: represented by Colin Wallis
ULX WG: represented by Paul Trevithick
Federation Interoperability WG: represented by John Bradley

Joni Brennan
Dervla O'Reilly
Voting representatives not in attendance:

ID-WSF Evolution WG: represented by Peter Davis
Japan WG: represented by Toshihiro Suzuki or Yasuhisa Sakamoto
Privacy and Public Policy WG: represented by Jeff Stollman or Anna Slomovic
Telecommunications Identity WG: represented by Jonas Hogberg or Gael Gourmelen or Jose Luis Mariz
Board of Trustees: Vadim Lander

New AI summary
2011-03-16-1	Joni	Open	Set up trust framework coordination mailing list and meeting planning.	 
Roll call
Quorum was achieved.

Approve 2011-03-02 minutes
Motion: Eve moves, Bob seconds:

2011-03-16-A	Approve 2011-03-02 minutes.
Passed by unanimous consent.

Action item review
2010-10-19-1	 John and Joni	Closed	 Spearhead the creation of a "Budget and Funding" guideline.
2010-10-19-2	 Trent	 Open	 Explore with Staff how Confluence can be used to offer some sort of cross-group reporting that is useful and minimal impact on all involved.	 Dervla will ping Trent on this. Still pending.
2011-03-02-1	 Dervla	 Closed	 Send mail to Trent and Prateek checking on status of ICU, MtG, and Liberty Spec Maintenance groups.
2011-03-02-2	 Joni	 Closed	 Rename the shut-down groups so that they sediment to the bottom of the site's drop-down list.
2011-03-02-3	 Joni	Closed	 Ask the BoT how to handle the electronic assets of shut-down groups.
Budget and funding guidelines
Joni has posted a proposal. This early draft attempts to handle a number of issues, such as self-dealing, funding from a variety of sources, etc.

BoT matters
The BoT had some initial discussion of how to handle the electronic assets of shut-down groups. Budget items were briefly discussed. The new BoT open slots were discussed. The RSA and NSTIC events were reviewed. The BoozAllen project called Trust Market was discussed.

They discussed the IRB charter revision but didn't come to a final conclusion yet; the charter takes a different test-plan approach, changing from having a standing interop group to building ad hoc subject-matter expert teams. The existing IOP group isn't active. They are contemplating another round of testing in roughly the March 2012 timeframe, with tests settled roughly six months in advance.

SAC Profiling Rules doc
Colin has a few comments to improve readability but comments that the document seems effective. SAC profiling can only add requirements; it can't loosen existing requirements.

Motion: Myisha moves, Bob seconds:

2011-03-16-B	Approve Identity Assurance Framework: Service Assessment Criteria – Profiling Rules v1.0 document.
Passed by unanimous consent.

ICU DG and Map the Gap DG status
Trust Framework proposal
Motion: Eve moves, Colin seconds:

2011-03-16-C	Shut down the Identity Community Update DG and the Map the Gap DG.
Passed by unanimous consent.

Discuss proposal for Trust Framework coordination
Eve comments that something like monthly coordination calls would be welcome in channeling the natural passion several Kantara participants have already evinced; the concern would be that the coordination structure be as lightweight and "unthreatening-looking" as possible, with an "LC-TFC-SC" looking a little scary. Since subcommittees have no particular bureaucratic burden, this is what was intended. Joni will form a mailing list to get coordination calls started.

Motion: Eve moves, Myisha seconds:

2011-03-16-D	Form a subcommittee of LC members to figure out trust framework coordination and get coordination calls started.
Passed by unanimous consent.

Next Meeting
Date: Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011
Time: note temporary summertime skew! 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 21:00 UTC (time chart)

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