[KI-LC] Agenda for LC telecon 2011-03-02 (new! improved! better time and length!)

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Tue Mar 1 19:05:40 EST 2011

Date and Time
Date: Wednesday, 2 Mar 2011
Time: note that this is the new time and length! 60 minutes at 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 21:00 UTC (time chart)
Skype +9900827043671716
US Dial-In +1-201-793-9022 | Room Code: 367-1716
International numbers
Roll call
Approval of 2011-02-09 minutes
Action item review
BoT matters
Board of Trustee Liaison Sub-Committee and items to review
WG/DG matters
Roadmap status
Events and meetings
Berlin LC meeting agenda: who is attending? topics? half day/full day?

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