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Great news and thanks Eve!  I'll ping our IT support and request the IT
tools in place (aiming to announce today).

Thanks again!


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On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 7:52 PM, Eve Maler <eve at xmlgrrl.com> wrote:

> Hi Joni-- With this message, I approve the DG charter attached below. I've
> cc'd the Leadership Council list to inform everyone in timely fashion. Can I
> assume we can get help from KI staff in getting this group into full swing
> ASAP? Thanks in advance,
> Eve
> LC Secretary
> On 17 Jun 2011, at 10:01 AM, Joni Brennan wrote:
> Hi Eve,
> Please find below the submission of a charter for a newly proposed DG - the
> National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) DG.  This DG
> is proposed to form in order to centralize Kantara efforts around the NSTIC
> activities.  The group's first order of business will be to champion the
> response to the NOI that was put out last Thursday (with submission due back
> July 22). We are hopeful that the charter below may move forward in a timely
> manner in order to meed the needs of the NOI response swiftly.
> Please advise if there are any questions and/or if the charter is reviewed
> and approved via LC Secretary.
> Thanks much!
> =Joni
> *-------------
> *
> *(1) DISCUSSION GROUP NAME* (and any acronym or abbreviation of the name):
> The DG name, acronym and abbreviation must not include trademarks not owned
> by the Organization, or content that is infringing, harmful, or
> inappropriate.
> *National Strategy for Trusted Identity in Cybespace Discussion Group
> *(2) DISCUSSION TOPIC/PURPOSE/MOTIVATION:* Please provide a clear
> statement of the topic, purpose, and/or motivation for requesting the
> formation of this DG.
> The purpose of the NSTIC discussion group is to provide a centralized
> Kantara Initiative Discussion Group to facilitate:
>    - feedback to Notices of Inquiry and/or comment periods
>    - planning of NSTIC focused workshops or event sessions and speakers
>    - possible development of position papers
> It is anticipated that this DG will be comprised of stakeholders who
> represent area segments including: industry, user-centric, consumer, public
> policy, privacy, governance and international
> Background:
> The US Government through the National Institute of Standards and
> Technology (NIST) has released the National Strategy for Trusted Identity in
> Cyberspace (NSTIC) vision, mission and goals.  This strategy has a goal to
> foster a public/private partnership where industry and communities come
> together to solve the issues identified in the NSTIC to create and identity
> ecosystem which enables web service interactions to be:
>    - *Faster:* Once you use your credential to start an online session,
>    you would not need to use separate usernames and passwords for each Web
>    site. For example, your computer or cell phone could offer your "trusted ID"
>    to each new site where you want to use the credential. The system would work
>    much like your ATM card works now. By having the card and a PIN you can use
>    your ATM card all over the world. By having a credential and a password you
>    would be able to use your trusted ID at many different sites. This saves you
>    time while enhancing security. No more searching in your drawer for your
>    list of passwords.
>    - *More convenient:* Businesses and the government will be able to put
>    services online that have to be conducted in person today like transferring
>    auto titles or signing mortgage documents.
>    - *Safer:* Your trust credential will foil most commonly used attacks
>    from hackers and criminals, protecting you against theft and fraud,
>    safeguarding your personal information from cyber criminals.
>    - *Private:* This new "identity ecosystem"<http://www.nist.gov/nstic/identity-ecosystem.html>protects your privacy. Credentials share only the amount of personal
>    information necessary for the transaction. You control what personal
>    information is released, and can ensure that your data is not centralized
>    among service providers.
>    - *Voluntary:* The identity ecosystem is voluntary. You will still be
>    able to surf the Web, write a blog, participate in an online discussion, and
>    post comments to a wiki anonymously or using a pseudonym. You would choose
>    when to use your trusted ID. When you want stronger identity protection, you
>    use your credential, enabling higher levels of trust and security.
> The NSTIC program office team from time to time releases a Notice of
> Inquiry (NOI) and/or comment period where comments are solicited from
> industry and communities as input to the NSTIC team for consideration.
> *(3) LEADERSHIP:* Proposed DG Chair subject to confirmation by a vote of
> the DG Participants.
> *Richard Wilsher, Zygma*
> *(4) AUDIENCE:* Anticipated Participants in this DG.
> Industry, community groups, consortia, privacy and governance experts,
> international communities and individuals who would seek to provide input to
> the development and implementation of the NSTIC strategy.
> *(5) COPYRIGHT POLICY:* The Organization approved Intellectual Property
> Rights Policy to cover any copyright material that may be produced as a
> result of DG 'Participants' posts to the wiki or email archives.
> Kantara Initiative IPR Policy<http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/download/attachments/2293776/Kantara+Initiative+IPR+Policies+_V1.0_+2009-04-03.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1239829651000>- Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution
> *(6) PROPOSERS:* Names, email addresses, and any constituent affiliations
> of at least the minimum set of proposers required to support forming the DG.
> At least 3 Participants are required to request formation of a DG.
>    1. Richard Wilsher, Zygma
>    2. Jay Unger, VDesk Services
>    3. Myisha Frazier-McElveen
>    4. Rich Furr, SAFE Bio-pharma
>    5. Mark Lizar, Smartspecies
>    6. Dazza Greenwood, eCitizen
> Eve Maler                                  http://www.xmlgrrl.com/blog
> +1 425 345 6756                         http://www.twitter.com/xmlgrrl
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