[KI-LC] Draft minutes of LC telecon 2011-04-27

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Wed Apr 27 17:01:01 EDT 2011

Quorum is 7 of 12 as of 10 Nov 2010.

Voting reps:

User-Managed Access WG: represented by Eve Maler
Federation Interoperability WG: represented by John Bradley
Consumer ID WG: represented by Bob Pinheiro
ID-WSF Evolution WG: represented by Peter Davis
eGov WG: represented by Colin Wallis
Healthcare ID Assurance WG: represented by Pete Palmer
ULX WG: represented by Bob Morgan
Telecommunications Identity WG: represented by Jonas Hogberg
ID Assurance WG: represented by Myisha Frazier-McElveen

Dervla O'Reilly
Voters not in attendance:

Japan WG: represented by Toshihiro Suzuki or Yasuhisa Sakamoto 
Privacy and Public Policy WG: represented by Jeff Stollman or Anna Slomovic 
Board of Trustees: Vadim Lander

Roll call
Quorum was reached.

Consider status of habitually non-attending voting members of LC
A gentle reminder is wafted in the direction of our BoT liaison, who is a voting member of the LC: more regular attendance at LC meetings would be helpful.

Approve 2011-04-13 minutes
MOTION: Moved by Eve, seconded by RLBob:

2011-04-27-A	Approve 2011-04-13 minutes.
PASSED by unanimous consent.

Berlin meeting planning
F2F LC meeting supplants May 11 telecon; no telecon again until May 25
At least John, Jonas, and Colin will be in attendance. Quite a few individual group chairs will also be at the meeting overall, so informal group representation could be good. We are presuming that Philip Clement will become a formal ULX co-chair in time to formally represent the group there. Eve will dial in 4-5pm.

Suggestions for LC meeting agenda items:

Trust framework subcommittee sync-up (John will touch base with Rainer regarding TFMM progress; they're meeting on Monday morning)
Fraunhofer demo, if we'd like
BoT update
The last call was cancelled and the next call is tomorrow; no news to report.

Support of OASIS IDtrust/eGov Member Section's security event at CA's Ditton Manor
Matthew Gardiner has been working with OASIS on this. They're planning a two-day event the week of October 10 and invite Kantara involvement and suggestions. The timing seems to be somewhat associated with RSA on Oct 11-13. The content is fairly open at that point. Eve guesses UMA participants from Newcastle might be interested in presenting at such an event. Telco and eGov groups express interest as well (Colin is on the OASIS eGov group).

ID-WSF Evo update
Peter has nearly managed to clear his schedule and is planning a re-kickoff conversation in the next week. eGov folks, who tend to be ID-WSF users, will want to hear about any updates.

Consider IOP WG status: move under IRB?
Context is here.
The IRB's revised charter is for the BoT to approve, not the LC.

MOTION: Moved by RLBob, seconded by Eve:

2011-04-27-B	Shut down the IOP WG and have its functions transferred to the IRB.
PASSED by unanimous consent.

Step-up authentication group
Peter Alterman is planning to start a new OASIS group on step-up authentication. This would be something a relying party does on its own to "upgrade" a token coming from an IdP that gave it a lower LoA. Discussion ensued about the business model for higher-LoA identities.

Next Meetings
F2F meetings in Berlin:

Mon May 16 3:15-5pm CET LC F2F
Wed May 18 10:30am-noon CET BoT sync-up

Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2011
Time: 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 20:00 UTC (time chart)

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