[KI-LC] FYI: Open Web Foundation (OWF) Publishes Contributor/Specification Agreements

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Wed Sep 29 22:43:18 EDT 2010

FYI off OASIS Cover Pages
For those of you who had a view into the KI copyright discussions and decisions, you might be interested in this.
For some time we considered OWF's approaches as worthy benchmarks..
Might be good to tuck this away for the next review..
Open Web Foundation (OWF) Publishes Contributor/Specification Agreements
David Rudin, OWF Legal Drafting Committee Announcement
"The OWF Legal Drafting Committee is pleased to announce the publication
of the set of OWF v1.0 agreements for public review. The public review
period will close October 08, 2010. At that point, the Drafting Committee
will consider and respond to all comments, and will refer a final
version of the agreements to the OWF Board of Directors for final
This set of agreements includes the following documents: (1) Contributor
License Agreement ('CLA') - Copyright - Draft 1.0. This is copyright
only Contributor License Agreement ('CLA'), which is similar to the
previously approved 0.9 CLA updated to conform to the language in the
proposed 1.0 agreements (2) CLA - Copyright and Patent - Draft 1.0. This
CLA covers both copyright and patents for contributions. (3) Open Web
Foundation Agreement ('OWFa') - Draft 1.0. This is an updated version
of the OWFa and is intended to cover the entire specification. (4) OWFa
Patent only - Draft 1.0. This agreement is for use in contexts were
copyright is already covered by a separate grant. For example, this
agreement could be used for making a commitment to standards body where
copyright is already covered by organization's rules...
Both the Open Web Foundation Agreement v 1.0 (OWFa) and the OWF Contributor
License Agreement v 1.0 (CLA) apply to Specifications that are intended
to be implemented and used in computer software. By signing the CLA, a
Bound Entity grants its patent and copyright intellectual property rights
so that others around the world freely can include the Bound Entity's
Contributions -- and elaborate on them -- in the community effort to write
and implement the Specification containing those Contributions. A single
signed CLA covers all future Contributions of that Bound Entity to that
By signing the OWFa, a Bound Entity grants its patent and copyright
intellectual property rights so that others can freely implement the
entire final Specification as it is published, regardless of who
contributed what portions. These agreements provide necessary copyright
and patent licenses, in effect allowing contributors and supporters who
helped to create and who formally support a Specification to protect the
Specification against infringement lawsuits over the intellectual
property in that Specification..."
See also the FAQ document: http://www.openwebfoundation.org/faqs/open-web-foundation-cla-1-0-owfa-1-0-faq

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