[KI-LC] Proposed Volunteer Fellowship Award

Bob Pinheiro kantara at bobpinheiro.com
Wed Sep 29 10:15:37 EDT 2010

  I'm not entirely convinced of the need for this award, as currently 
envisioned.  If the award is intended to recognize someone who is truly 
a volunteer in the sense that he/she is receiving no compensation for 
participation (even from an employer), then why shouldn't the name of 
the award convey that sentiment?  By eliminating the word "volunteer", 
the implication is that the award is some sort of general recognition 
for outstanding performance in Kantara activities, which strictly 
wouldn't be true since the award excludes paid participants, or those 
participating on behalf of their employers.

Second, if the intent is to provide recipients with something they can 
put on their resumes, as a sort of official recognition of their 
participation in Kantara, then why should it not be available to any 
uncompensated participant who is making a contribution?  Yes, the 
criteria for deciding whether someone is truly  "making a contribution" 
is arbitrary.  Yet if someone is looking for a job or consulting work, 
and hopes to leverage their Kantara participation as relevant work 
experience, they shouldn't necessarily need to win any performance 
awards for such recognition.  It ought to be sufficient that their 
participation meets some minimal set of criteria for recognition.  For 
instance, maybe the criteria could be (a) attendance in meetings or 
conference calls, or (b) other written contributions to WG deliverables, 
reports, or (c) acting as an officer of a WG, etc.  This seems less 
subjective than asking LC members to vote on whether someone deserves 
the award when LC members may not even know the person or their 

If, on the other hand, it is felt that there should be some way to 
recognize truly outstanding performance in Kantara activities, why 
should it matter whether or not the recipient is compensated?


On 9/29/2010 8:49 AM, Paul Trevithick wrote:
> I agree. I think "Volunteer" should be eliminated.
> On Sep 29, 2010, at 8:21 AM, j stollman wrote:
>> Re: *Award*: After approving the nominated participant, the LC will 
>> officially
>> congratulate the participant and publicly announce the award.  The
>> awarded participant is then encouraged to list on his/her resume (or
>> similar list of accomplishments) that they received the "Kantara
>> Initiative *Volunteer* Fellowship for YEAR".
>> COMMENT:  We might consider removing the work "Volunteer" from the 
>> name.  It is an apt and descriptive title, but it may carry less 
>> weight on the awardee's resume.  Since resume value is one of the 
>> strongest benefits of the award, the title of the award ought to 
>> carry as much weight as possible.
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