[KI-LC] Meeting Reminder for Wed, September 28 at 22:00 UTC

J. Trent Adams adams at isoc.org
Tue Sep 28 18:06:34 EDT 2010

All -

I assume that this is already in everyone's calendar, but in case it's
slipped off:

    * Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010
    * Time: 3pm PDT | 6pm EDT | 22:00 UTC [1]
    * Teleconference Options:
          o Skype: +9900827043671716
          o US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022 | Room Code: 3671716

There is an important motion on the table to accept the Concordia Final
Report that we'd like to clear out on the call.  Also, there's a
discussion of the budget (2010 and 2011) as well as the promised
Fellowship Award discussion.



   1. Roll Call for Quorum Determination
   2. Approval of prior meeting minutes
         1. Review: Leadership Council Teleconference - 2010-09-15 [2]
   3. Action Item Review:
         1. Trent to work with Staff to identify a reasonable date for
LC elections that would fall after the majority (if not all) group
         2. Trent to send proposal for the Fellowship Award program to
the LC list.
         3. Trent to send to the LC list a link for members to subscribe
to the IC3 mailing list, if they want to participate or just read the
         4. Trent to send Abbie and Colin a template that they can use
to formalize a proposal for engagement with NASPO.
   4. Proposed Motion: To accept the Final Report by the Concordia DG
titled "Deployment Guide for Proxying Assurance between OpenID and
SAML", version 1.0, dated September 9, 2010 and submitted to the LC
Secretary on September 27, 2010. [3]
   5. Consider: Proposed fellowship program supporting independent
         1. Review:
http://kantarainitiative.org/pipermail/lc/2010-September/001145.html [4]
   6. Budget Discussion:
         1. 2010 Close-Out
         2. 2011 Expectations
   7. AOB

Please let me know if you have any other items for the agenda and I'll
chat with everyone tomorrow.


[4] http://kantarainitiative.org/pipermail/lc/2010-September/001145.html

J. Trent Adams

Outreach Specialist, Trust & Identity
Internet Society

e) adams at isoc.org
o) +1-703-439-2149

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