[KI-LC] Additional FOG Comments received

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Thanks Anna
Useful comments
I don't what the rest of you think, but I given the comments received, I wonder if it would be prudent to take around another review cycle after these comments have been incorporated.
Timing is everything in these things and I get the sense that with this Review co-inciding with the summer vacation, and a progressively improving and widening understanding of federation as the months roll by, we may end up with a better outcome that is not subject to very early revision if we take our time over it.

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Hello All-

This message is to inform the LC that the staff has received the following comments
o the IAWG Federation Operator Guidelines document.
We expect the IAWG to review this comment immediately.
Please note the comment period was closed on 20 September 2010.

Selected Document: IAWG Federation Operator Guidelines

General comment: I think the paper uses 'federation participant' and 'federation member' interchangeably.  This may need looking at.

Line 85: would suggest this be downgraded to 'may'.  Not all federation operators are in the business of providing credentials - this is often specifically the role of its members / participants.

Line 132: not all federations will guarantee verification of 'identity', but will assure verification of assertion.  See section 6 of the UK federation Rules Of Membership for more detail.

Line 185: again, not all federations require this type of audit as a 'must' but as a reserve the right to audit.  Clarity needed here as to whether self-audit is included in the meaning of this sentence.

[End of comments]

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