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Hello All—

This message is to inform the LC that the staff has received the following comments to the IAWG Federation Operator Guidelines document.  We expect the IAWG to review this comment immediately.
Please note the comment period was closed on 20 September 2010. 

Selected Document: IAWG Federation Operator Guidelines


General comment: I think the paper uses 'federation participant' and 'federation member' interchangeably.  This may need looking at.  

Line 85: would suggest this be downgraded to 'may'.  Not all federation operators are in the business of providing credentials - this is often specifically the role of its members / participants.

Line 132: not all federations will guarantee verification of 'identity', but will assure verification of assertion.  See section 6 of the UK federation Rules Of Membership for more detail.

Line 185: again, not all federations require this type of audit as a 'must' but as a reserve the right to audit.  Clarity needed here as to whether self-audit is included in the meaning of this sentence. 

[End of comments]

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