[KI-LC] Comments on IAWG US Federal Privacy Profile

Anna Ticktin annaticktin at me.com
Thu Sep 16 12:34:51 EDT 2010

This message is to inform the LC that the staff has received the following comments as one submission to the IAWG US Federal Privacy Profile document.  We expect the IAWG to review this comment at their earliest convenience.

Please note the comment period remains open until 20 September 2010. Further comments will be forward for your review and consideration upon receipt.

Selected Document: IAWG US Federal Privacy Profile



1.     Line 55  “No requirements found …”  It is entirely unclear what this sentence means.  Please restate this in a positive sense so we know who/what these requirements DO apply to.

2.     Lines 80-85  Please rewrite this in English.  Use multiple simple sentences.  This is a one-sentence paragraph that is not intelligible.

3.     Add a section at line 86 or line 93  “Revocation – There must be a supported mechanism by which an identity subject can alter or withdraw a previously submitted informed consent.”

4.     Line 139  Add an acronym key to the end of the document

[End of comment]

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