[KI-LC] Comments on IAWG Federation Operator Guidelines

Anna Ticktin annaticktin at me.com
Tue Sep 14 12:44:32 EDT 2010

This message is to inform the LC that the staff has received the following comments as one submission to the IAWG Federation Operator Guidelines document.  We expect the IAWG to review this comment on their next teleconference scheduled for Wednesday 15 Sept 2010.

Please note the comment period remains open until 20 September 2010. Further comments will be forward for your review and consideration upon receipt.

Selected Document: IAWG Federation Operator Guidelines

Comments: The guidelines read to us that we have to be assessed for Liberty Alliance Identity Assurance by a Liberty Alliance Identity Assurance Expert Group approved assessor, so that we can then be assessed by the Kantara Management Board for Kantara Compliance.

It's unlikely this federation will participate with so many hoops to jump through before we can even begin to be mapped to your assurance levels. Particularly when our members would only be willing to meet level 1 (bilateral arrangements would be used for higher levels).

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