[KI-LC] Potential synergies with W3C work

Colin Wallis Colin.Wallis at dia.govt.nz
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Thanks Eve

W3C has an eGov group too, that NZ Gov vaguely keeps track of via it's membership in OASIS, where there is an existing top level liaison between the two SDOs.

The OASIS eGov group has not had a great experience in trying to liaise with W3C's. But that may be just the personalities in that particular case than any underlying resistance, I don't know.

I could foresee DAP being useful to Telco as well.

I think a full blown formal liaison is premature, but favour informal liaisons in each WG, with perhaps an additional targeted show and tell session say every 6 months on the LC agenda, (and maybe tweak the reporting template again to enforce reporting on Informal Liaisons?). 


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Recently I noticed that the Device APIs and Policy (DAP) WG work at the W3C may have some synergies with the UMA work.  Trent suggested that the best model for engaging with them is to encourage people (whose affiliations allow them to do so) to participate in both forums according to their interest.  We haven't taken that very far yet, but I did reach out to the DAP chairs and we've started to familiarize ourselves with the others' deliverables.

Since other folks doing work at Kantara may be seeing similar synergies with W3C, should we use the LC to conduct a kind of lightweight liaison function, just to keep aware of who's interested in what where?  Does anyone have any other suggestions for how to take advantage of such opportunities?



Eve Maler

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