[KI-LC] Host or Sponsor future Kantara Initiative Summits and Meetings

Dervla O'Reilly dervlaoreilly at me.com
Thu Oct 28 04:08:22 EDT 2010

As we plan for 2011, Kantara will continue to hold meetings and add a  
series of Summits to our event schedule.

We are looking for general interest in hosting a Kantara meeting and/ 
or a Summit.

Summits: a series of 1-day Summits where a portion of the agenda is  
designated to Kantara's groups focussing on current and future  
activities. The remaining time is open for the Kantara community and  
it's members to present work and hold break-out sessions.  This is an  
excellent opportunity for you or your organization to showcase new  
work.  Ideally a 7-8-hour Summit (one room for approx. 50 persons).

Meetings: we will continue as in the past, our next meeting is  
estimated for Spring 2011 and then 6 months later in the Winter time.  
Ideally a 3-day Kantara Initiative meeting (approx. 3 rooms x 3 days).

Locations: North America, EMEA and potentially Asia.  We are  
considering Silicon Valley, Washington, New York in North America.  In  
EMEA and beyond, Munich, London, Bratislava, Barcelona, China, India,  
Australia & Japan.

Please contact me directly - I can provide more detailed information  
regarding theses events if you have any interest to host or sponsor.


Dervla O’Reilly
Program Manager
Kantara Initiative
+1 415 731 4487 business
+1 415 948 3650 mobile
+1 415 202 5212 Skype
+1 509 757 4487 fax

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