[KI-LC] Follow on from Kantara Initiative Meeting in Paris

Dervla O'Reilly dervlaoreilly at me.com
Wed Oct 27 11:00:25 EDT 2010

We'd like to extend many thanks to our hosts Orange-FT who made the  
Kantara Initiative meeting in Paris last week a really good one.

We had a successful meeting with a good turnout and extremely  
productive sessions.  The OpenID Summit session provided updates on  
various working groups and a review of significant OpenID  
deployments.  Thanks to John Bradley and Nat Sakimura for organizing  
this event.

Thanks also to Kim Cameron from Microsoft who presented at Kantara's  
opening session discussing next generation technology, identity  
metasystems, and more. The following groups met in Paris (noting some  
groups' minutes are still in progress): Board of Trustees,  
eGovernment, Federation Interoperability, Leadership Council, TelCo  
Identity, ULX, UMA.

You can find the opening and closing session slides posted here: http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/GI/Event+Presentations+and+Materials

If you have any questions, let me know.

Kind regards,
Dervla O’Reilly
Program Manager
Kantara Initiative
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