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Folks-- I'm sending this as both a WG chair who is curious how this issue might apply to the UMA group, and as a member of the Info Sharing group where this issue just came up today.

The Operating Procedures seem to have a peculiarly shaped "hole" in them, and I don't see a Process Guidelines writeup on the LC wiki that covers this either.  (Please forgive me if work in this area has been done; it's slipped my mind...)

In summary, the hole is that WG Reports are clearly produced solely by those WGs, but there is a hint that such Reports are intended to be submitted to LCs, for the purpose of approval.  What we don't know is, to what end exactly? -- for submission to an All-Member Ballot eventually, or for a pat on the back, or what?  And is submission->approval->(something) the expected path, an optional path, a 100% required path, or what?

Here is the blow-by-blow of all relevant mentions of "Reports" in the OPs:


The OPs define a Report as:

"“Report” shall mean any Work Group or Discussion Group output that is not a Technical Specification that is approved by a Majority of the Group and submitted to the Leadership Council. A Report is not a branded product of the Organization (i.e. it is not submitted for an All Member Ballot)." [Sec 1, defn 1.7]


It is suggested that a legitimate LC activity is to approve WG/DG Reports, as related in the section on LC voting, though it doesn't seem required and there is no purpose stated for doing this:

"The following actions require a Simple Majority of those voting:
  Approval of the formation of a Work Group;
  Dissolution of a Work Group or a Discussion Group;
  Certification of a Draft Recommendation as ready for All Member Ballot;
  Approval of Work Group and Discussion Group Reports; and
  All actions not specifically identified elsewhere in these procedures" [Sec 2.6]


It's quite clear that WG/DG Reports aren't official Kantara outputs.  For example:

"The WG shall elect from its Participants one or more Editors to produce draft Technical Specifications, other Draft Recommendations, and/or Reports." [Sec 3 intro]

and (note that submission hint again):

"In addition to development of the Draft Recommendation(s) authorized in the Work Group Charter the WG may find it appropriate to develop additional Reports. These Reports shall meet any requirements established by the LC.
Submission of a report to the LC requires a Simple Majority approval of the WG." [Sec 3.9]


"WG and DG Reports are not directly Organization branded and do not imply any position by the Organization Membership. Reports are titled:
“Kantara Initiative {Work/Discussion} Group XYZ {Final/Interim} Report”." [Sec 7.5]


So, can the LC clarify what the expectations are?  Is this a good thing to make a Process Guideline or some other explanatory memo about, once we figure it out?


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