[KI-LC] Energizing F2F meeting in Paris

Paul Trevithick ptrevithick at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 10:03:23 EDT 2010

Philippe, Bob, ULXers,

Maybe it was just being together F2F after a year of email, or maybe it was being in the phenomenal city of Paris, or maybe it was the great dinner Wednesday night! Probably all three...but for whatever reason I found the meetings to be terribly energizing. It reminded me that we're doing important work.  

There are so many things to follow up on that I'd suggest we should have our usual weekly call on Monday. However, after a weekend in Boston, I'll be flying to MountainView on Monday morning so I won't be able to be on the call (my flight leaves at 11am Eastern). Philippe or Bob can either of you chair the call on Monday? I'll be writing up the minutes of Tuesday's meeting over the weekend and this will provide fodder for Monday's call.

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it!

BTW, I'll be at IIW (Nov 2-4) the following week and will propose a ULX session to share what we're doing.

And yes, Axel, I'll post the JSON metadata stuff to the Kantara wiki over the weekend.

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