[KI-LC] Japan WG/DG 4Q report

Kenji Takahashi takahashi.kenji at lab.ntt.co.jp
Sun Jan 31 22:42:24 EST 2010

Dear LC members,

Sorry for our late report. The highlight of this quoter is a workshop
attended by 120 people.



Kantara Initiative Work Group & Discussion Group Quarterly Report

Reporting on: 2009 - Q4
Date Submitted: Feb. 1, 2010

Group Name: Japan Work Group

Chair Name: Kenji Takahashi (NTT)
List other Officer positions and Names:
* Vice Chair: Toshihiro Suzuki (Oracle)
* Secretary: Takashi Shitamichi (Sun Microsystems)
List other Officer positions currently vacant:
* (none)

What are the active number of:
* Total Participants: 44
* Voting Participants: 18
* Non-Voting Participants: 26
* Total Email List Subscribers: 233

Published Teleconference Frequency: 0
Estimated Number of Teleconferences this Quarter: 0

Number of Official Meetings this Quarter: 1
Number of Unofficial (aka BOF) Meetings this Quarter: 1

Number of Draft Specifications Produced this Quarter: 0
Number of Reports Produced this Quarter: 0

Other Comments:
- KI Japan WG held an official offline workshop, "Kantara Initiative
Symposium 2009", in 6th, Nov. 2009.
The symposium had 135 registrations and 120 attendees.

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