[KI-LC] KI eGov WG 2009 - Q4 status report (RE: Call for 2009-Q4 WG/DG Status Reports)

Colin Wallis Colin.Wallis at dia.govt.nz
Tue Jan 19 16:51:36 EST 2010

Kantara Initiative Work Group & Discussion Group Quarterly Report Reporting on: 2009 - Q4 Date Submitted: January 18, 2010

Group Name: eGovernment Work Group (eGov WG) 

Chair Name: Colin Wallis
List other Officer positions and Names:
- Fulup Ar Foll, Vice Chair
List other Officer positions currently vacant:
- Secretary

What are the active number of (numbers below reflect numbers as of 31 Dec 2009):
 * Total Participants: 41 (8 more since Q3)
 * Voting Participants: 18 (6 more since Q3)
 * Non-Voting Participants: 23 (2 more since Q3)
 * Total Email List Subscribers: 58 (12 more since mid-Nov 2009)

Published Teleconference Frequency: monthly (moves to fortnightly in critical project stages)

Estimated Number of Teleconferences this Quarter (Q4): 4 (1 quorate)

Number of Official Meetings this Quarter: 0

Number of Unofficial (aka BOF) Meetings this Quarter: 0

Number of Draft Specifications Produced this Quarter: 0 

Other Comments:
- Deployment profiles remain the main interest of the majority of the group, and the group is shaping up to be a group of representatives of government deployers or vendors engaged in that process.
- Norway (DIFI) interested in attributes with Digital Certs and identifiers in eProcurement which the group as a whole not really interested in doing, but P3WG is at least trying to accommodate some of this, coming from a policy angle. 
 - Emerging concern around level of active participation vs. passive observers. The 80/20 rule is apparent so far.  Persistent non attendees with voting status have been asked to step down to non voting status as quorum on the calls is now a problem.

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