[KI-LC] MVP award March 1st

Brett McDowell email at brettmcdowell.com
Tue Jan 12 14:59:41 EST 2010

We have a special opportunity that I would like to ask the LC to help me out with.  We have a free delegate pass to the RSA Security Conference that we want to award to the person LC elects as the Most Valuable Participant (MVP) of 2009 -- that's a $2,195 value [1].  This is the first time we've tried something like this, so here is just a strawman suggestion of how we might go about this.  Note, this must be a Participant and not a contractor or member of the staff.  This goes to an individual, not a company.

Step One: a nominating period of one week (an LC member can put forward a name from someone in their WG/DG)

Step Two: we run an email ballot for one week, the winner is the person who received the most votes.  In the event of a tie I'll make a tie-breaking vote :-)

You are probably thinking... what if we elect someone who cannot or doesn't want to attend RSA?  That's okay because they then can give this to anyone they wish and that person will accept the MVP award as their proxy during the Pre-Conference workshop (a certificate or something that goes along with the free pass by means of a little ceremony during the morning session).

What do you think?

[1] http://www.rsaconference.com/2010/usa/registration-and-rates.htm

|| Brett McDowell, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative

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