[KI-LC] Proposal for KI to have an observer for the NASPO ID-V Project

Colin Wallis Colin.Wallis at dia.govt.nz
Tue Aug 24 18:42:22 EDT 2010

Greetings LC

There was a NASPO ID-V action in the 4th August meeting: "LC members interested in actively moving this work forward are asked to formalize a proposal and bring it to the LC for consideration".

With that in mind, and taking a suggestion Bob made on the call that Dan Combs could possibly serve as a liaison, since he is an individual Kantara member already participating in ID-V, I contacted Dan to explore that possibility.

I explained the background and context to Dan to see if he might be interested, and in return he gave positive signals that he wanted to help.

With that and on Trent's suggestion, I pulled in Bob to help formulate an approach.

Bob and I propose that Dan be 'KI's eyes and ears at NASPO' acting in an observer role and reporting back to the LC on the ID-V project.  For this he will be reimbursed some percentage for his travel expenses to attend ID-V meetings. We have explored a model with Dan and it met no resistance.  So without getting ahead of ourselves we will leave it at that for the moment.

The proposal is as simple and straight forward as that really..

If the LC agrees in principle, then we will go back to Dan to make sure he is agreeable, and confirm the conditions of the reimbursement.  For instance this might capture the fact that Dan has already attended a meeting in Kansas City, and apparently most of the upcoming meetings will be in the DC area local to Dan, so there may not be much travel involved.  Should KI reimburse him some percentage for his travel to KC, if he writes a report on the activity there?  What if there is no subsequent travel involved?.

Once agreement with Dan is reached, we draft it in writing (a paragraph or two or three) for the LC to formally vote on.  If approved, it goes to BoT, should the LC deem necessary.

At some stage in the future, following various reports from Dan, the LC may want to revisit the current arrangement and re-consider the notion of becoming a paid-up participant. But that is for the future and hypothetical at this stage, so again there is no need to get ahead of ourselves.

We ask that agenda time be reserved on the next call to share comments on this proposal and agree next steps.


Bob and Colin

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