[KI-LC] LC Teleconference Canceled + Action Item = Status Reports

J. Trent Adams adams at isoc.org
Tue Aug 17 17:53:47 EDT 2010

All -

Due to the lack of actionable business on this week's agenda, we will
cancel this week's call.

However, as each of us have an action item to submit quarterly reports
(as called for in Sections 3.3.1 and 4.5 of the Operating Procedures),
please use this time adding your report to the new section of the wiki:


Please create a new page for your Work Group or Discussion Group using
the new template:


As a reminder, the "status" reports are not "progress" or "activity"
reports, but simple statistics on the group operations. The goal of the
quarterly report is to simply identify that the group is still
operational and should continue to be supported. As such, the report is
not intended as a judgment of the group's effectiveness and is not used
to evaluate goals and milestones achieved during the quarter.

Also, please note that there is now a new section of questions that
refer to the recently passed section guidelines for managing inactive
groups.  Be sure to fill it in, too.

Finally, it would be incredibly helpful if you could back-fill your
prior reports, too.  While I do have them filed locally when you
initially submitted them, I would greatly appreciate the help if you
could pull them from your notes and fill them in, too.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.


J. Trent Adams

Outreach Specialist, Trust & Identity
Internet Society

e) adams at isoc.org
o) +1-703-439-2149

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