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Robin Wilton futureidentity at fastmail.fm
Thu Oct 29 08:00:38 EDT 2009

That's a fair point; on reflection, the difference is that those other 
organisations' work is earlier in the life-cycle, and therefore a little 
further from the point at which the results are formalised as a 
licensable product. I agree that we need to have clear guidelines in 
place, and a simple process to ensure that participants are welcomed and 
understand the basis on which they contribute. (In fact, I guess, that's 
been a shortcoming of those meetings where I haven't had to sign 
anything... there was uncertainty about the basis for participation).

I just wanted to apply a quick sanity-check. I'm happy with the explanation.



Brett McDowell wrote:
> There was no attachment.
> As for whether we need to concern ourselves about this... yes, we do.  
> But no, we don't need to be crazy about it.  I tried to capture the 
> balance in my revision sent out a few minutes ago.  Most groups who 
> are producing output that would require a license from contributors in 
> order to be adopted down-the-road simply don't let you participate at 
> all unless you've joined the organization.

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