[KI-LC] [Wg-p3] Privacy and Policy strategy formation

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To all P3WG members:

How does this exercise at hand (the solicitation for suggested work  
items) relate to the work already planned and captured in the P3WG  
charter?  Is P3WG considering a change to or deviation from it's  
charter, or just seeking suggestions about some specific tasks that  
fall under the broad topics captured in the charter?

The following are from the approved charter:
Lead work to define and develop Privacy Management and Privacy  
Assurance deliverables which complement Kantara's initiatives in  
Identity Assurance and Identity Governance.

White Papers and Framework Documents such as:

	• Privacy Guidance Document to bridge the gap between CPO, technical  
and policymaker communities;
	• Privacy Management Framework, as a preparatory step towards
	• Privacy Assurance Framework;
	• Repository of Summit Reports from face-to-face discussion, advisory  
meetings, etc.

Stakeholder meetings such as:

	• regular advisory event to solicit strategic guidance;
	• face-to-face Work Group meetings;
	• CPO and policymaker workshops.

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On Oct 28, 2009, at 4:45 PM, Colin Wallis wrote:

> I think eGov has said before that input into the ISO Privacy  
> Framework and Privacy reference architecture draft standards would  
> be really helpful.
> Some of you know that Liberty helped with 29115, which relates  
> closely to the work of the IAWG, through the US mirror group for  
> that standard.  I'm not sure if there's an equivalent for privacy,  
> but I believe that Kantara will or has been, seeking a liaison with  
> ISO SC27 WG5 that does this stuff, so if there is no mirror group  
> that Kantara could contribute to, in the US or elsewhere, it could  
> probably contribute directly.
> Personally, (I think this was suggested by Robin some time ago, so  
> it's not my bright idea!) I would like to see us get to a situation  
> where each of the specs/outputs Kantara produces, has a 'privacy  
> module'. So the Info Sharing request would constitute one of these.
> Cheers
> Colin
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> Hi Robin,
> As per my post on the group wiki, one piece of work i'd like to see
> undertaken would see the P3 workgroup work to define model privacy
> policies from the organisational perspective, Information Sharing WG
> specify model information sharing agreements from the individual
> perspective and the two groups to collaborate on making the two inter-
> operable (including the whole icon's, machine readable piece).
> Joe will be on the call later today to discuss further as needs be.
> Cheers
> Iain
> On 23 Oct 2009, at 10:08, Robin Wilton wrote:
>> To the members of the Leadership Council:
>> The P3 working group is developing its strategy, and going through
>> the process of identifying and prioritising appropriate issues to
>> tackle.    Are there particular privacy and public policy issues
>> that the Leadership Council would like us to be addressing?    Are
>> there such issues arising from the other working groups?   Responses
>> are welcomed, either via the P3WG mailing list, or directly to me if
>> there is anything you would prefer to raise in confidence.  Please
>> take this opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of
>> the P3WG and Kantara as a whole.   Best wishes,  Robin P3WG Chair
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