[KI-LC] Fwd: [Staff] UMA F2F before IIW

Robin Wilton futureidentity at fastmail.fm
Thu Oct 29 07:36:22 EDT 2009

Hi folks -

I've corrected some typos in the draft (attached).

I have two comments:

1 - I think the document needs to specify what it is that participants 
are being expected to join (Kantara, individual WG, etc). I say this 
because there was a little confusion initially in Las Vegas as to why we 
were asking participants to sign multiple documents. Once we explained 
that it was per WG, to accommodate the possibility that different WGs 
might have different IPR policies, they were mostly happy with it.

2 - Just to note in passing that, for instance, when I have attended 
meetings of bodies such as TERENA, GENI etc., I haven't had to sign 
anything, despite the possibility of IP being contributed to the 
discussion intentionally or otherwise. Is there perhaps a risk that 
we're devoting disproportionate time and effort to this?


Robin Wilton
Director - Future Identity Ltd

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