[KI-LC] Call for Votes: Formation of the Liberty Specification Maintenance Work Group

Robin Wilton futureidentity at fastmail.fm
Fri Oct 23 04:45:18 EDT 2009

I suspect that the formation of this group is a good thing, but I have
two questions about the wording of the draft charter.

(1) The Purpose section includes the following rider to maintenance of
the specifications listed:

"such that they are a ubiquitous, interoperable, privacy-respecting
Identity Layer for the Internet"

It's not clear to me how the maintenance activities listed (correction
of errata and liaison with vendor-neutral external bodies) will achieve
that goal.

In my view, the Charter either needs a little more to explain how that
goal will be achieved, or a simplification of the stated goal.

(2) The Scope section refers repeatedly to "external, vendor neutral
industry groups and bodies"; it seems to preclude liaison with, or
reference to the output of, any potentially relevant vendor or
vendor-related industry group. It's not clear to me why that limitation
is imposed: for example, if a vendor such as Microsoft, or an external
vendor-related industry group such as Oracle User Group, Tivoli User
Group etc has relevant input, wouldn't this Charter preclude it being
acted on?

I would welcome any comment on how the WG would receive relevant input
from sources which appear to be excluded by the draft Charter...

Hope this helps - 


On Thu, 22 Oct 2009 16:19 -0600, "J. Trent Adams" <adams at isoc.org>
> All -
> This is a call for you to vote on the following motion.  Please reply
> according to the options listed below.
> -----
> MOTION: To approve the formation of the Liberty Specification Maintenance
> Work Group (LSM WG) as defined by their charter [1].
> -----
> Your options:
>  A. Reply with any discussion on this motion prior to voting.
>  B. Reply to this message with a "YES" if you support this change.
>  C. Reply to this message with a "NO" if you do not support this
>       change. Also, please include your rationale for a "NO" vote.
>  D. Reply to this message with an "ABSTAIN" if you abstain.
> The deadline for voting is Thursday, October 29th at 23:59 UTC.
> This vote requires a Simple Majority to pass (i.e. more than 50% of votes
> received - excluding abstentions).
> Thanks in advance,
> Trent
> [1] http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/x/agA0
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