[KI-LC] Telecon Reminder for October 21 at 15:00 UTC

Iain Henderson iain.henderson at mydex.org
Wed Oct 21 09:25:39 EDT 2009


Sorry, i've had a late, un-avoidable clash come up and I won't be able  
to join the call today; perhaps Joe might be able to join.

In any case, I see we have the proposed amended charter for the  
Information Sharing group on the agenda - hopefully that is clear  
enough; it's just a legacy from our original view that we needed two  
groups with differing IP policies and then found out that we can  
handle both of our sets of requirements within the one IP policy and  
thus group (the current one).

Separately, I see there was a request for an update on next steps re  
the proposed research phase 1. On that, Mark Lizar has now started on  
a broad literature review around information sharing related issues.  
This will allow us to set out an un-resolved' problem statement (eta  
2-3 weeks) that will/ might not flag up the need for further research  
in  and related areas. If it does flag up the need for further work  
(and my assumption is that it will), then we'll then go and price up  
the research and report back to that group. Hope that is clear, if not  
ping me back any specific questions by e-mail and we'll report back in  
2-3 weeks.



On 20 Oct 2009, at 22:42, J. Trent Adams wrote:

> All -
> Here is your reminder for this week's Leadership Council  
> teleconference:
>   * Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2009
>   * Time: 8am PDT | 11am EDT | 15:00 UTC [1]
>   * Teleconference Options:
>         o Skype: +9900827043671716
>         o US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022 | Room Code: 3671716
> With the full text of a couple proposed motions, you might find the  
> wiki
> version of the agenda more readable:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/x/xwJAAg
> If you can't access the wiki for some reason, here's a trimmed down
> version that should be easier to track:
>  1. Roll Call for Quorum Determination
>  2. Approval of prior meeting minutes
>        a. Review: Leadership Council Teleconference - 2009-10-14 [2]
>  3. Assurance Review Board Briefing (David Temoshok, Nathan Faut)
>  4. LC to vote on the OP/Bylaws changes approved by the BoT
>        a. PROPOSED MOTION: Approval of Amendments to Operating
> Procedures for All Member Ballot
>        b. (see wiki for full text)
>        c. Next Step: All member ballot
>  5. InfoSharing WG Charter Change
>        a. Review: InfoSharing WG Charter [3]
>        b. (see wiki for full text)
>  6. Prososed WG: Liberty Specification Maintenance Working Group  
> (LSM WG)
>        a. Review: Liberty Specification Maintenance Working Group
> Charter [4]
>        b. Discussion
>        c. Vote Date: No later than October 29, 2009
>  7. Proposed WG: Identity Services Working Group (IS WG)
>        a. Review: Identity Services Working Group Charter [5]
>        b. NOTE: Initial draft charter was submitted on September 22,
> 2009,
>            but was incomplete.  No further draft was submitted, and
> 30-day
>            window closes October 22, 2009.
>        c. Vote Date: MUST BE HELD ON CALL
>  8. AOB
> Talk to you then.
> - Trent
> [1]
> http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?month=10&day=21&year=2009&hour=15&min=0&sec=0&p1=0&sort=2
> [2]
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/Leadership+Council+Teleconference+-+2009-10-14
> [3] http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/infosharing/ 
> Charter
> [4] http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/WGLSM/Charter
> [5]
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/Proposed+Charter+-+Identity+Services+WG
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