[KI-LC] Quarterly report for Concordia DG

Paul Madsen paulmadsen at rogers.com
Mon Nov 30 16:03:28 EST 2009

Kantara Initiative Work Group & Discussion Group Quarterly Report
Reporting on: 2009 - Q3
Date Submitted: Nov 30, 2009

Group Name: Concordia DG

Chair Name(s): Paul Madsen & Tatsuki Sakushima
List other Officer positions and Names:
 * [none]
List other Officer positions currently vacant:
 * Secretary

What are the active number of:
 * Total Participants: 59(as of Nov 30)
 * Voting Participants: 12
 * Non-Voting Participants:47
 * Total Email List Subscribers: ?

Published Teleconference Frequency: bi-weekly
Estimated Number of Teleconferences this Quarter: 2

Number of Official Meetings this Quarter: 1
Number of Unofficial (aka BOF) Meetings this Quarter: 0

Number of Draft Specifications Produced this Quarter: 0
Number of Reports Produced this Quarter: 0

Other Comments:
We have 2 separate surveys underway - assurance & authz

SAML/OpenID proxying assurance guide submitted to DG but has seen limited discussion.

Initial discussions on SAML/OAuth 'hybrid' have begun

Some interest in participating in a workshop colocated with industry event - talks ongoing 

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