[KI-LC] P3WG Requests for Guidance

Paul Madsen paulmadsen at rogers.com
Wed Nov 18 10:54:25 EST 2009

out of a recent thread that crossed SSTC and KI eGov lists, I'll suggest 
another possible work item for P3 - a white paper exploring explicit 
user consent, when is recommended, when not, in its absence, what are 
equivalent protections, what different legislations impose/forbid, etc


J. Trent Adams wrote:
> All -
> As a reminder, the Leadership Council was asked by the P3WG for guidance
> on what work items we would like to see them tackle. [1]
> We spent some time on the last teleconference exploring various ideas. 
> The result of the discussion was that we would send around what we
> captured on the call to provide an opportunity for additional comment
> from the group.
> Unless it becomes necessary for the LC as a body to officially endorse
> one or more suggestions, the tenor of the discussion was that we would
> provide these as input the P3WG so that they could consider them on
> their own.  Below are the suggestions as captured on the call.
> NOTE: In order to facilitate follow-up discussion, each suggestion is
> attributed to the person who proposed it.  Please feel free to correct
> the record if I've inaccurately captured your comments.
> Thanks,
> Trent
> -----
>  1.  Eve: As illuminated by the GSA/ICAM Identity
>      Trust Framework, perhaps the P3WG could explore
>      the idea of "Levels of Protection" and "Privacy Policy
>      Agreements", perhaps coordinating with IAWG.
>  2. Joe: Following the work of Jeff Jonas about the
>      privacy concerns related to "Space Time Travel" [2],
>      perhaps the P3WG could consider authoring a white
>      paper addressing related privacy issues.
>  3. Brett: How to manage liaisons with other external
>      bodies with respect to privacy standards (eg. privacy
>      maturity capability model at ISO/IEC 29190) [3]
>  4. Colin: Perhaps the P3WG could provide a proactive
>      scan across KI WGs to look for various privacy issues
>      and raise flags.
>  5. Bob: Perhaps the P3WG could explore producing a
>      white paper on what kind of assurance levels could
>      be assigned to various government operations
>      (presumably focused on the U.S. government).
>  6. Brett: A useful tool would be a published and
>      maintained list of key international public policy
>      debates on Identity (i.e. who is doing what work
>      where).
> -----
> [1]
> http://groups.google.ca/group/kantara-leadership-council/msg/76f533049c00409d
> [2]
> http://jeffjonas.typepad.com/jeff_jonas/2009/08/your-movements-speak-for-themselves-spacetime-travel-data-is-analytic-superfood.html
> [3]
> http://www.iso.org/iso/iso_catalogue/catalogue_ics/catalogue_detail_ics.htm?ics1=35&ics2=040&ics3=&csnumber=45269

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