[KI-LC] 2009 - Q3 UMA WG report

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Tue Nov 17 10:40:43 EST 2009

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Kantara Initiative Work Group & Discussion Group Quarterly Report

Reporting on: 2009 - Q3
Date Submitted: 17 Nov 2009

Group Name: User-Managed Access (UMA) WG

Chair Name: Eve Maler
List other Officer positions and Names:
* Vice-Chair: Paul Bryan
* Spec Editor: Paul Bryan
* Use Cases Editor: Hasan Akram
List other Officer positions currently vacant:
* n/a

What are the active number of:
* Total Participants: 38
* Voting Participants: 24
* Non-Voting Participants: 14
* Total Email List Subscribers: (68 as of 17 Nov 2009; don't know of a way to "back out to" 30 Sep 2009 subscriber list)

Published Teleconference Frequency: weekly
Estimated Number of Teleconferences this Quarter: 7

Number of Official Meetings this Quarter: 2 (finally debugged the non-voting participant problem in early Oct)
Number of Unofficial (aka BOF) Meetings this Quarter: 5 (plus a "public meeting" F2F at DIDW)

Number of Draft Specifications Produced this Quarter: 1 (Scenarios and Use Cases)
Number of Reports Produced this Quarter: 0

Other Comments:
* Submitted a successful 2010 budget request

Eve Maler
eve at xmlgrrl.com

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