[KI-LC] LC call 11/11: TI WG wash up

Colin Wallis Colin.Wallis at dia.govt.nz
Wed Nov 11 18:17:09 EST 2009

Greetings all

Sorry to have not prepared as fully as I should have for this call, and this was one item I had 'skimmed'.

But a couple of comments from folks on the call motivated me to take another look at it.


Here are some thoughts from me.

1) I'm not sure which 'identity' is the actual scope here - are we talking about humans, devices or both?

2) I was intrigued that the ITU-T was not on the liaison list. And yet they have done significant work on human IdM as some of us can attest to!:-). And the history of the ITU and certain Kantara members 'playing together' goes back along way...

3) I was intrigued that the liaisons seemed 'mobile' focussed. Nothing wrong in that but it might have implications on the scope.

4) The leadership appears heavily balanced in favour of Europe. Nothing wrong in that but it might have implications on the scope. (That said the proposers show a more geographically balanced group).


Am I seeing something that isn't there?  (We have plenty of practice in that in government..:-))


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