[KI-LC] Ongoing LC Call Conflict

J. Trent Adams adams at isoc.org
Mon Nov 2 15:59:43 EST 2009

Conor -

According from last week's meeting notes:

# Next call: November 11 at 8am PST | 11am EST | 16:00 UTC

That means that according to the current alternating schedule, the
subsequent call will be at:

November 25 at 3pm PST | 6pm EST |  23:00 UTC

I believe that the conflict pointed out is that the IAWG meets every
other week at 8am PST.  With our new schedule, this will bring our two
groups into conflict once a month.

The question is how we deal with this.  I'm sure this won't be hard to
solve, but suggestions are welcome.

- Trent

Cahill, Conor P wrote:
> What is the schedule for the calls?  Still alternating times but just two weeks?
> What's the time for the next call on the 11th?
> Inquiring minds want to know (especially since it's still in as weekly calls in my calendar).
> Conor
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> All -
> This is a reminder of a few things:
>  1. We've now shifted into having calls
>      every other week.
>  2. The next call is on Wednesday,
>      November 11 (so there is no call
>      this week).
>  3. We have a timing conflict for some
>      of the upcoming calls that needs
>      to be solved.
> The first two are updates, but if you have any suggestions on the third,
> please let us know.
> Thanks,
> Trent
> J. Trent Adams wrote:
>> All -
>> Oddly enough, with our new shift to meeting every other week following
>> our alternating call times, we're now in conflict once a month with the
>> scheduled IAWG call time.
>> Does anyone on the list want to propose a workaround to the dilemma?
>> - Trent

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