[KI-LC] [BoT] Draft Mail List Policy Attached / LC Appoints 2 Liaison Representatives

Salzberg, Kenneth M ken.salzberg at intel.com
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I feel that it is important to point out section 4.4.2 of the by-laws (the LC reps may or may not have been aware of this clause) which states any given member is limited to a single vote on the BoT.   Since Intel is a paying member of the BoT, Conor and I (as the Intel rep to the BoT) will need to agree on the single Intel vote before a vote takes place.

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Hello BoT,

To avoid sending multiple emails I am consolidating 2 messages in to this email.  The 2 messages are:

1.  Please find attached a first draft cut of the Kantara Initiative email list policy for BoT review and comment.  I have attempted to capture the feedback of the BoT and Leadership council in to this policy while maintaining consistency and alignment with the KI Operating Procedures and By-Laws.   When you have a moment please review this draft policy and feel free to send me any comments for incorporation.

2.  Additionally, on the Leadership Council conference call today 2 LC members were appointed as official representatives to the BoT.  Those LC members are Conor P Cahill (on behalf of the proposed Clients WG) and Colin Wallis (on behalf of the proposed eGovernment WG).  I have subscribed our new LC reps to the BoT list with full participation rights for posting.  Please join me in welcoming them to the BoT discussions - Welcome!



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