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J. Trent Adams adams at isoc.org
Tue May 26 09:07:29 PDT 2009

Paul -

>From what I can tell, the benefit of an LC member being an officer of
the BoT is limited to having "one of our own" installed at the top. 
There doesn't appear to be any direct benefit other than what one would
expect of being an officer (e.g. helping set agenda, being close to
interim decisions, etc.).  Oh yeah... and more responsibility.

According to the bylaws and operating procedures, this appears to be a
unique situation we might not see again soon.  I wanted to leap on the
opportunity in case anyone wanted to take advantage of it.

Even if no one wants to stand for a BoT officer, though, I'd really like
to get our liaisons in there for the BoT call on Thursday.  To do so, we
still need to name the two reps (and their two alternates).  I'm hopeful
we can at least get that off our plate on tomorrow's call.

- Trent

Paul Madsen wrote:
> Trent, from the LT PoV, do we expect there would be concrete benefit
> for our liasons to be eligible to occupy the BoT positions?
> paul
> J. Trent Adams wrote:
>> All -
>> This is a reminder that if we want to exercise our option for the LC
>> representatives being on the BoT, we need to get our liaisons to Roger
>> no later than Wednesday, May 27th (i.e. tomorrow).
>> As you can tell, this is extremely tight, so please send me a list of
>> your nominations for LC officers.  Even if you don't think we'll be able
>> to officially fill the officer positions by then, I'd like to try and
>> seat our liaisons.
>> I hope we can knock these items down on our proposed call for tomorrow
>> (Wednesday, May 27th) at 22:00 UTC.  Dial-in details to follow.
>> Thanks,
>> Trent
>> J. Trent Adams wrote:
>>> All -
>>> While I'm happy to be the interim Chair for the LC, I want to share the
>>> love.  To that end, we need to work out the logistics for nominations
>>> and voting for the following officers:
>>>  A. Chair
>>>  B. Vice-Chair
>>>  C. Secretary
>>> In case you're not familiar with the responsibilities of the roles, I
>>> suggest you review the relevant sections from the KI Operating
>>> Procedures (V1.0 2009-04-03) [1].  Specifically, sections 2.3 and 2.4.
>>> Also of interest related to this is that according to the bylaws [2] the
>>> LC has the ability to nominate two liaisons to the BoT (and two
>>> alternates).  Further, if we nominate them before May 28th (when the BoT
>>> requests nominations), we can take advantage of an opportunity for our
>>> representatives to also stand as officers (President, Vice President,
>>> Secretary, and Treasurer) of the BoT.
>>> With that, I propose the following process:
>>>  1. This group begins sending their nominations
>>>      immediately for LC officers to this list (or
>>>      directly to me, if you prefer).  As far as I
>>>      can tell,  you can nominate yourself as well
>>>      as others.
>>>      NOTE: While it's not specified anywhere, I
>>>      suggest each nomination be for a specific
>>>      position, and that each of you only nominate
>>>      one person per position (and only nominate
>>>      someone once in your slate).  Also, it'll help
>>>      if you make sure the people you nominate
>>>      are willing to take the job.
>>>  2. I will need all nominations by 21:00 UTC
>>>      on May 26th so that I can tally them, and
>>>      publish the "official" slate of candidates by
>>>      23:59 UTC Tuesday, May 26th.
>>>  3. Our first item of business on the call next
>>>      Wednesday, May 27th at 22:00 UTC (see
>>>      previous email) would be to come to a
>>>      consensus (or hold a vote) on each position.
>>>      NOTE: As Interim Chair (and the only
>>>      acting officer), I will run the call and vote
>>>      until this time, and then hand over the reigns
>>>      to the newly elected Chair.
>>>  4. Immediately following the vote, we should
>>>      then call for nominations for the two LC
>>>      representatives to the BoT.
>>>      NOTE: For simplicity, I'd like to put forth the
>>>      motion that the Chair and Vice Chair be the
>>>      representatives, and that we only hold the
>>>      nominations for and vote on the alternates.
>>> I know it's a rush, but if we follow this procedure we will (a) quickly
>>> get past this interim officer step, (b) have representation on the BoT
>>> call the next day, and (c) be in a position for one of us to gain a BoT
>>> officer position (if anyone wants that heady responsibility).
>>> Are there any alternate proposals?  If not, let's light up the nominations!
>>> Thanks,
>>> Trent
>>> [1]
>>> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/download/attachments/2293776/Kantara+Initiative+Operating+Procedures+_V1.0_+2009-04-03.pdf?version=1
>>> [2]
>>> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/download/attachments/2293776/Kantara+Initiative+ByLaws_v1.0_+2009-04-03.pdf?version=1

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