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Trent Adams adams at isoc.org
Sat May 23 11:18:40 PDT 2009

I concur with Paul. Further, I have a feeling that any tweaking of  
delivery options will be perceived as trying to control the message.

J Trent Adams

On May 22, 2009, at 7:09 PM, Paul Madsen <paulmadsen at rogers.com> wrote:

> my interpretation of the primary goal for any such email policy is  
> to prevent IP contamination - this possible if (mere) subscribers  
> were able to post to the list.
> If that is indeed the case, why differentiate between levels of read  
> access by distinguishing between real time & digest? Surely it's  
> immaterial to the primary goal?
> paul
> Brett McDowell wrote:
>> Forgive the cross-post (if you are one of the lucky folks who are  
>> subscribed to both of these lists).  I'm sending this to both lists  
>> because the Board of Trustees assigned an action item to me to work  
>> on a Mail List Policy, and on the Leadership Council meeting today  
>> they shared their opinions and also made it clear they wanted to be  
>> a part of this process.  One LC member actually felt this should be  
>> in the Operating Procedures vs. a stand-alone policy.  So, that's  
>> why I'm copying both.
>> This is more of an introduction.  Joni is going to circulate the  
>> first draft of the policy next week.  I'm just going to introduce  
>> what I believe is the fundamental topic for debate, and perhaps  
>> Joni should hold off until this issue is debated a bit more via  
>> email.
>> The only issue I've heard in my talks with BoT and LC that might  
>> fall short of a consensus, is the issue of whether subscribers (who  
>> are not members of a group) get an option to receive every email,  
>> or only a daily digest of email.  That's it.  Everybody agrees with  
>> every other aspect of the policy as discussed in the two calls.
>> Perhaps we should begin simply by asking someone to clarify why  
>> they believe non-member subscribers should receive each email in  
>> real-time even though their responses are moderated (i.e., they  
>> cannot send to the list unless they are participants in the group  
>> so why trigger that Pavlovian trigger to attempt a response).   
>> That's just my suggestion for where to start the email discussion,  
>> if you'd rather choose a different starting point, simply chime in.
>> Kind Regards,
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