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Brett McDowell email at brettmcdowell.com
Fri May 22 14:33:46 PDT 2009

Forgive the cross-post (if you are one of the lucky folks who are  
subscribed to both of these lists).  I'm sending this to both lists  
because the Board of Trustees assigned an action item to me to work on  
a Mail List Policy, and on the Leadership Council meeting today they  
shared their opinions and also made it clear they wanted to be a part  
of this process.  One LC member actually felt this should be in the  
Operating Procedures vs. a stand-alone policy.  So, that's why I'm  
copying both.

This is more of an introduction.  Joni is going to circulate the first  
draft of the policy next week.  I'm just going to introduce what I  
believe is the fundamental topic for debate, and perhaps Joni should  
hold off until this issue is debated a bit more via email.

The only issue I've heard in my talks with BoT and LC that might fall  
short of a consensus, is the issue of whether subscribers (who are not  
members of a group) get an option to receive every email, or only a  
daily digest of email.  That's it.  Everybody agrees with every other  
aspect of the policy as discussed in the two calls.

Perhaps we should begin simply by asking someone to clarify why they  
believe non-member subscribers should receive each email in real-time  
even though their responses are moderated (i.e., they cannot send to  
the list unless they are participants in the group so why trigger that  
Pavlovian trigger to attempt a response).  That's just my suggestion  
for where to start the email discussion, if you'd rather choose a  
different starting point, simply chime in.

Kind Regards,

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