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Joni Brennan joni at ieee-isto.org
Tue May 19 07:29:34 PDT 2009

FWIW - If it were me, I would work to get as many proposers as possible to
sign on (these can be people/orgs internal or external to Liberty).  I would
remind each of the Liberty Members who've signed on to please fill out their
Kantara membership agreement if they have not done so already.

Additionally, as any Liberty Member who's paid their 2009 Liberty dues will
have that payment honored in Kantara for 2009, I would say it's fair to
understand that many (many) current Liberty members are working through the
formalities required to re-sign under Kantara.  (But the timing of the
signing of the KI agreement may not line up precisely with the May 22 LC

My advice is that each chair should work with what they have, try to get as
many WG charter 'sponsors' to sign on as possible and try not to lose
progress on the charters even though some of the timing is not lining up
perfectly at the moment.

Also - once Britta has that membership page up we'll be able to get a faster
snapshot of who's signed and who has not.

Hope that's helpful!

- Joni

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 7:11 AM, Britta Glade <britta at projectliberty.org>wrote:

> Yeah--I hear you.  I can tell you that NTT (for your purposes) has signed.
> For the rest, I have a proposal within marketing right now to make that
> membership list accessible publicly the moment BoT approves the terms of
> agreement from LAP on Thursday--and at this point I have that agreement.
> But let me see if I can get that membership list to this group sooner.
> On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 7:02 AM, Paul Madsen <paulmadsen at rogers.com>wrote:
>> so we can only fill our 3 WG sponsor slots from those who have signed to
>> become KI members?
>> I expect that many of those in TEG who I would ask to co-sponsor the WSF
>> WG will be uncertain of their status (myself in that boat).
>> Paul
>> Britta Glade wrote:
>>  I'll answer for Brett as I know his email access is limited.  LAP
>> members *still* need to sign the KI membership agreements.  So anyone who
>> has signed the agreements is a member.
>> On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 6:40 AM, Paul Madsen <paulmadsen at rogers.com>wrote:
>>> brett, wrt the 3 sponsors of a WG, what are the membership requirements,
>>> i.e. what will be the membership status of LAP members on the 22nd?
>>> paul
>>> Brett McDowell wrote:
>>>  Hello.  I hope you are all having a restful weekend.
>>> I'm writing to give you a few updates and to solicit a meeting with all
>>> of you for Friday, May 22.
>>> *Trustees to form initial Leadership Council*
>>> The Kantara Initiative Board of Trustees are holding their first meeting
>>> this coming Thursday, May 21st.  One action they will take is to "bootstrap"
>>> the Leadership Council formation by appointing each of you to serve as
>>> formal members of the Leadership Council, based on your proposed WG/DG
>>> charters.
>>> All proposed charters are online here:
>>> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/dashboard.action
>>> You, the initial Leadership Council member nominees, are:
>>>  • Trent Adams
>>> • Bob Pinheiro
>>> • Colin Wallis
>>> • Conor Cahill
>>> • Drummond Reed
>>> • Eve Maler
>>> • Iain Henderson
>>> • John Fraser
>>> • Jose Luis Mariz
>>> • Nigel Tedeschi
>>> • Paul Madsen
>>> • Philippe Clement
>>> • Prateek Mishra
>>> • Kenji Takahashi
>>>  Note: where a WG or DG was proposed with Co-Chairs, one of the
>>> co-chairs was picked arbitrarily for the sake of bootstrapping the LC
>>> into existence.  One decision the Co-Chairs will have to make is deciding
>>> who will represent their group on the LC.
>>> Please note that DG Chairs are non-voting members of the Leadership
>>> Council, but they are still members of the Leadership Council.  The WG
>>> Chairs are the voting members of the Leadership Council.
>>> *
>>> *
>>> *After May 22, Leadership Council will operate "normally"*
>>> This action by the Board of Trustees is just a one-time appointment to
>>> get the Leadership Council up and running, but thereafter its membership
>>> will be managed as outlined in the ByLaws and Operating Procedures.
>>> *
>>> *
>>> *You must approve charters on May 22*
>>> The Board of Trustees are not approving any of your proposed charters, or
>>> forming any of your proposed WG's or DG's.  That is the job of the
>>> Leadership Council and it will be agenda item #1 when we meeting on Friday,
>>> May 22.
>>> *
>>> *
>>> *Details of May 22 Meeting*
>>> To help us find the most suitable time to meet on May 22nd, I have setup
>>> an online poll for you to fill out (you do not need to setup an account at
>>> this web site in order to participate).  I hope to see 100% participation
>>> from everyone listed above so we can pick the best time possible.  We will
>>> need a quorum to conduct the business of approving charters.  The poll is
>>> here:
>>> http://www.doodle.com/7cmefynpwk4t9hue
>>> *
>>> *
>>> *Some Homework before May 22*
>>> Regarding the approval of charters... many of you do not yet have the
>>> required number of co-sponsors on your charter as listed online (you need
>>> three sponsors, yourself plus two).  Please work with your associates to
>>> meet the criteria for sponsoring the charter and please make sure your
>>> charter is in a form you'd like to have approved.  If your charter is not
>>> approved then I'd expect you would no longer have a seat on the Leadership
>>> Council until you were placed there per the normal procedures, i.e. upon
>>> approval of your charter and the proper election by the members of your
>>> WG/DG.
>>> *
>>> *
>>> *Using This Mailing List:*
>>> No doubt you have many questions.  Let's use this mailing list ask and
>>> answer questions.  I'll be traveling and tied up with IIW for a few days but
>>> Joni Brennan is on this list and she'll be able to help answer questions as
>>> well.
>>> It's great to see this moving forward.  I look forward to working with
>>> you!!
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