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Paul Madsen paulmadsen at rogers.com
Tue May 19 06:40:22 PDT 2009

brett, wrt the 3 sponsors of a WG, what are the membership requirements, 
i.e. what will be the membership status of LAP members on the 22nd?


Brett McDowell wrote:
> Hello.  I hope you are all having a restful weekend.
> I'm writing to give you a few updates and to solicit a meeting with 
> all of you for Friday, May 22.
> *Trustees to form initial Leadership Council*
> The Kantara Initiative Board of Trustees are holding their first 
> meeting this coming Thursday, May 21st.  One action they will take is 
> to "bootstrap" the Leadership Council formation by appointing each of 
> you to serve as formal members of the Leadership Council, based on 
> your proposed WG/DG charters.  
> All proposed charters are online here:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/dashboard.action
> You, the initial Leadership Council member nominees, are:
> • Trent Adams
> • Bob Pinheiro
> • Colin Wallis
> • Conor Cahill
> • Drummond Reed
> • Eve Maler
> • Iain Henderson
> • John Fraser
> • Jose Luis Mariz
> • Nigel Tedeschi
> • Paul Madsen
> • Philippe Clement
> • Prateek Mishra
> • Kenji Takahashi
> Note: where a WG or DG was proposed with Co-Chairs, one of the 
> co-chairs was picked arbitrarily for the sake of bootstrapping the LC 
> into existence.  One decision the Co-Chairs will have to make is 
> deciding who will represent their group on the LC.
> Please note that DG Chairs are non-voting members of the Leadership 
> Council, but they are still members of the Leadership Council.  The WG 
> Chairs are the voting members of the Leadership Council.
> *
> *
> *After May 22, Leadership Council will operate "normally"*
> This action by the Board of Trustees is just a one-time appointment to 
> get the Leadership Council up and running, but thereafter its 
> membership will be managed as outlined in the ByLaws and Operating 
> Procedures.  
> *
> *
> *You must approve charters on May 22*
> The Board of Trustees are not approving any of your proposed charters, 
> or forming any of your proposed WG's or DG's.  That is the job of the 
> Leadership Council and it will be agenda item #1 when we meeting on 
> Friday, May 22.
> *
> *
> *Details of May 22 Meeting*
> To help us find the most suitable time to meet on May 22nd, I have 
> setup an online poll for you to fill out (you do not need to setup an 
> account at this web site in order to participate).  I hope to see 100% 
> participation from everyone listed above so we can pick the best time 
> possible.  We will need a quorum to conduct the business of approving 
> charters.  The poll is here:
> http://www.doodle.com/7cmefynpwk4t9hue
> *
> *
> *Some Homework before May 22*
> Regarding the approval of charters... many of you do not yet have the 
> required number of co-sponsors on your charter as listed online (you 
> need three sponsors, yourself plus two).  Please work with your 
> associates to meet the criteria for sponsoring the charter and please 
> make sure your charter is in a form you'd like to have approved.  If 
> your charter is not approved then I'd expect you would no longer have 
> a seat on the Leadership Council until you were placed there per the 
> normal procedures, i.e. upon approval of your charter and the proper 
> election by the members of your WG/DG.
> *
> *
> *Using This Mailing List:*
> No doubt you have many questions.  Let's use this mailing list ask and 
> answer questions.  I'll be traveling and tied up with IIW for a few 
> days but Joni Brennan is on this list and she'll be able to help 
> answer questions as well.
> It's great to see this moving forward.  I look forward to working with 
> you!!
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