[KI-LC] Proposed Topics for Meeting at DIDW

Bob Pinheiro kantara at bobpinheiro.com
Fri Jul 31 08:33:27 PDT 2009

I'd like to see some discussion on what kinds of resources the 
individual WGs/DGs believe may be necessary to actually perform their 
work and produce any deliverables.  For instance, do the Chairs believe 
they have sufficient commitment from WG participants to contribute to 
the work effort and produce deliverables?  Do the Chairs believe they 
will probably do the bulk of the work themselves, using the WG 
participants mainly as reviewers and "sounding boards"?  Do the Chairs 
believe they may need to obtain additional resources, such as 
consultants to help with the work or to perform specialized  functions 
such as market research, surveys, coding, etc?

I ask this with the full realization that Kantara, like most industry 
consortia, will primarily rely on volunteer participants to get the work 
done.   However, although anyone can participate in a Kantara WG/DG, 
participants have their day jobs to do, and it's not clear how much 
effort they will be able to devote to WG activities, or whether 
participation in a WG necessarily translates to a commitment to help 
produce deliverables.  WG/DG chairs have been asked to consider their 
budget requests for 2010, so presumably these budget requests will 
reflect the kinds of additional resources the WGs/DGs believe may be 

For an interesting commentary on why Kantara may be different than other 
consortia with regard to how projects are supported, see Mathew 
Gardner's blog posting on Why CA Supports the Kantara Initiative 
Mathew points out that Kantara is not only open to participants who are 
not members and are paying nothing to participate, but that Kantara is 
also a well-funded organization that has a unique bicameral governance 
structure.    I interpret this to suggest that there will exist some 
mechanism to enable funds to flow from the funders (the Board of 
Trustees) to the doers (the Leadership Council) to support those WGs/DGs 
where volunteer labor alone may be insufficient.


J. Trent Adams wrote:
> All -
> In an effort to put together something reasonable with enough time to
> promote the topics, here is my first take on an agenda for our upcoming
> meeting in September at DIDW:
>  1. Operating Procedures Review
>     a. Quorum Interpretation
>     b. Charter Template Review
>     c. ... others?
>  2. IPR Review
>     a. Generic Version of "Liberty Option"
>     b. Additional IPR Options
>     c. Removing IPR Requirement for DGs
>     d. Creating an IPR FAQ
>  3. Review and Augment Standards Body List
>  4. Determine Process for All-Member Ballots
>  5. WG/DG Budget Discussions
>  6. KI Communications Staff Update
>     a. Report by Staff on Work
>     b. How to Leverage KI Comms
> Please suggest any other items you feel we should place on the agenda so
> we can get it to Dervla by July 31st.
> Thanks,
> Trent

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