[KI-LC] Proposed Topics for Meeting at DIDW

J. Trent Adams adams at isoc.org
Wed Jul 29 17:32:36 PDT 2009

All -

In an effort to put together something reasonable with enough time to
promote the topics, here is my first take on an agenda for our upcoming
meeting in September at DIDW:

 1. Operating Procedures Review
    a. Quorum Interpretation
    b. Charter Template Review
    c. ... others?

 2. IPR Review
    a. Generic Version of "Liberty Option"
    b. Additional IPR Options
    c. Removing IPR Requirement for DGs
    d. Creating an IPR FAQ

 3. Review and Augment Standards Body List

 4. Determine Process for All-Member Ballots

 5. WG/DG Budget Discussions

 6. KI Communications Staff Update
    a. Report by Staff on Work
    b. How to Leverage KI Comms

Please suggest any other items you feel we should place on the agenda so
we can get it to Dervla by July 31st.


J. Trent Adams

Outreach Specialist, Trust & Identity
Internet Society

e) adams at isoc.org
o) 703-439-2149

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