[KI-LC] Draft minutes for 29 Jul 2009 LC call are up

Roger Martin roger.martin at corp.aol.com
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With respect to the first motion (Aug 15th deadline for Founding WG 

The minutes do not make clear when the WG becomes a non-voting member of 
the LC if it fails to successfully submit its Charter by Aug 15th.  I 
think the minutes should clarify that the WG becomes non-voting 
effective 8/15/09 if it has not successfully submitted its charter.  If 
that happens, then it must then go through the normal process of 
creating a new WG (with Charter) in order to re-acquire a seat on the LC.

I think that the motion that was approved was the following (and since I 
am not a member of the LC, this is just a friendly suggestion :-) ).

_Deadline for Submission of Founding Work Group Charters and Maintaining 
LC Voting Status_*_

_The LC establishes August 15, 2009 as the deadline for successful 
submission of "Founding"
WG Charters".  A "Founding" WG whose Charter has not been successfully 
submitted by that
date will lose LC voting status until a new Charter has been submitted 
and approved. 

   ....roger (aka lurker)

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Eve Maler wrote:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/Leadership+Council+Teleconference+-+2009-07-29 
> Please take a look and let me know if I missed anything.
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