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Eve Maler Eve.Maler at Sun.COM
Fri Jul 17 11:24:28 PDT 2009

Thanks to Joni's tireless effort, we've learned a bit more.  It turns  
out there's no constraint on the case (upper vs. lower) of the "short  
name" in a group's URL, but there is a constraint against using any  
kind of nonalphanumerics.  So, for example, you can't match our  
current mail alias style (with hyphens in them: "wg-xxx") to the URL  
short name of a group.

I'd like to suggest that:

1. We use lowercase in Confluence short names for URLs (to me this is  
a slam-dunk)
2. We drop the "wg" or "dg" portion of the short name in future group  
provisioning exercises (including my own two groups!)

My reasoning for #2 is that unless there are two groups named  
*exactly* the same except for discussion or work group status (and I  
would argue they should be better distinguished than that), the "wg"  
or "dg" doesn't add anything and just makes things look complicated  
and hard to understand for people who are new to Kantara.  If you look  
at OASIS group URLs, there's a short form (that redirects to a query  
parameter version) like this:


Nice and clean, and browser address bars let you start typing what's  
most relevant to you and get to it quickly.  Ours would have to be  
like this:


...but it's still an improvement over CONCORD, WGUMA, etc.

Joni has convinced me that existing mail alias names should stay as  
they are, but I urge folks to think about this stuff as part of  
Kantara's public face going forward. Names that are pleasant or  
unpleasant to use in daily life do have an effect on how we perceive  
the success and health of the related group effort.


On 15 Jul 2009, at 2:36 PM, Joni Brennan wrote:

> Thanks very much for sending this around Eve!
> There were some methods to my madness when initially setting the  
> site(s) up, however, I am very excited to work with the groups to  
> make the site offerings and structure truly best of breed  
> examples.   We (staff) had envisioned a 'phase 2' plan of action for  
> the site(s) and I believe we are stable enough to approach that  
> process now.
> Your feedback as users and participants is not only highly valuable  
> but necessary to help us tweak the site(s) in to near  
> perfection ;-).  So please do send your thoughts regarding Eve's  
> comments so that I can work up a plan to incorporate your feedback  
> appropriately!
> Cheers,
> Joni
> On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 2:04 PM, Eve Maler <Eve.Maler at sun.com> wrote:
> I asked Joni today about the chances of using more "friendly" names  
> in the wiki workspace URLs and mail aliases.  I firmly believe that  
> such things are part of presenting a friendly and open face to any  
> potential stakeholders to help them decide to get engaged...
> It turns out we have some control over these key phrases, but it's  
> not total.  E.g., Confluence's "short name" for each group has to be  
> in uppercase in the URL, though the mail alias shows as lowercase.
> Joni suggested that all these short names be uniform if we can  
> manage it; she's been using "WGxxxx" and "DGxxxx" for most of the  
> new groups (though I notice Concordia's short name is "CONCORD" like  
> the grape :-).  A consistent pattern seems okay to me, though I'd  
> prefer "xxxx-WG" and "xxxx-DG" since it puts the unique information  
> first and is just easier to read and "pronounce".  And I have no  
> problem with slightly longer names, so "CONCORDIA-DG" and "UMA-WG"  
> would be better in my mind.
> Am I being pedantic/crazy?  Overly concerned with "messaging"?  Are  
> there other sorts of optimizations we could do around naming, if I'm  
> not entirely crazy?
> And do we need perfect uniformity?  If Joni does change any of these  
> at this point, it breaks old URLs and such.  I'm actually willing to  
> do this for Concordia since we haven't gotten going yet.  (And  
> unfortunately I can't think of any brilliantly friendly acronym  
> besides UMA for my other group).  But other groups may not want the  
> pain of changing now, even if they would have liked a different  
> naming option in the beginning.
> Trouble-makingly,
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