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   1. The Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures, Section 2.1 states:
      /"Membership of the Leadership Council includes the Chairs (or
      designee) of each LC authorized Work Group (WG) and Discussion
      Group (DG)"/

      In my opinion, it is not the individual, but the Group that holds
      a seat on the LC.  It is by virtue of the position held (Chair) in
      a Group that an individual is designated to represent that Group
      on the LC.  As a result, I think that the Roster should be sorted
      by Group, not by individual, with each Group having a separate
      line in the roster.

   2. I am not aware that any specific time limit was set on the
      "grandfathered in" period, but clearly the intent was for that to
      be in effect only during the start-up of Kantara Initiative to
      allow us to bootstrap the LC into an efficiently functioning
      body.  In my opinion, the LC should make a determination on when
      the "start-up period" ends by setting a deadline for when the
      grandfathered Groups must be officially chartered.  My personal
      opinion is that after that deadline any grandfathered Group that
      does not have an approved charter should be placed in non-voting
      status until its charter is approved.

   3. Generically, given my comments in 1 above, a chartered WG must, in
      the case of co-chairs, designate who will be the voting
      representative of that WG to the LC.  If a WG is chartered, but
      does not have a voting representative designated, then the WG
      would be included in the roster of voting members, but would not
      be able to vote until a voting representative is designated.  Note
      that this would have a negative impact on calculating quorum.

   4. Going back to the issue regarding determination of quorum, it
      should be remembered that the WG Chair may designate an alternate.
      This could be handled in at least two different ways: (1) have the
      Group Chair designate an alternate and list that person in the
      roster, or (2) permit the Chair to simply notify the LC Chair (or
      Secretary) prior to any meeting that a designated alternate will
      be representing the WG at the next LC meeting.   The LC could
      choose a method or could leave this ambiguous.  My recommendation
      is that this should be clarified so the Groups know how to handle it.

   5. With regard to counting quorum using all members or just voting
      members...._quorum is based on the voting members,_ not all
      members (see Operating Procedures, section 2.6)
      /* "A majority of the voting members of the LC shall constitute a


Eve Maler wrote:
> Many thanks to Joni, Britta, and Trent for helping me compile this 
> info.  Please check out the newly redesigned roster:
> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/Roster
> Since a single person might have multiple roles, only some of which 
> contribute to voting status, I've organized the table in a 
> name-primary fashion (nor have I included Kantara Member affiliations 
> since it's irrelevant for LC membership or chairmanship).  Some 
> questions that arose for me in the doing:
> - When does the "initial startup period" officially end?  Should the 
> proposed chairs who have been "grandfathered in" be hastening to get 
> their charters accepted and approved at this point?
> - Is Myisha an alternate for Frank on the IAWG?  The charter still 
> lists her as one of the chairs.
> - I couldn't find a requirement for us to meet quorum through >50% of 
> *voting* members, just >50% of *any* members (the type of LC member 
> goes unspecified in the bylaws for quorum purposes).  I don't see this 
> as a problem, but wanted to check that this was the intent.  Perhaps a 
> question for our to-the-BoT and from-the-BoT reps?
> Please review very carefully and let me know if I've made any mistakes 
> or if you have suggestions for improvement.  I will attempt to edit 
> this right away on approval of new WGs and DGs in future.
> Thanks!
>     Eve
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