[KI-LC] Comments on the "Quorum Issue"

Roger Martin roger.martin at corp.aol.com
Wed Jul 15 13:06:09 PDT 2009


What I was suggesting is that the LC establish a self-imposed policy 
that specifies what threshold it will use to actually set a motion in 

Should there be at least 2  LC voters on the call?  15% of the voters?  
25%....pick a number.  Or, perhaps it could permit the LC Leadership to 
decide when to send out an electronic ballot.   I'm not going to express 
a personal opinion at this point...I'll leave that to the LC to decide.

I do think, however, there should be some agreed to process that is 
published so everyone knows what it is.


J. Trent Adams wrote:
> Eve - I agree with you and Roger on the least invasive approach.  Email
> ballots also help support the time zone challenged.
> Roger - Why do we need a resolution to "initiate votes"?  Doesn't the
> "motion + second" process effectively set the voting ball in motion?
> For example, take the case where quorum is not reached in the meeting. 
> Someone puts forth a motion to vote on something requiring quorum and it
> is seconded.  From there, I'd assume that the vote automatically goes to
> the discussion list as per OP 2.6.
> What else do you suggest we need?
> To identity and beyond,
> Trent "Buzz" Adams
> Eve Maler wrote:
>> Thanks, Roger, for relenting!
>> My preference between the options you list is for the less invasive
>> one: establishing rules for getting work initiated in the absence of a
>> quorum.  But I could be convinced otherwise.
>> By the way, minutes for today's meeting are now up; all, please note
>> well the various action items:
>> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/Leadership+Council+Teleconference+-+2009-07-15
>> Eve
>> On 15 Jul 2009, at 10:03 AM, Roger Martin wrote:
>>> To: Leadership Council
>>> I have relented from my position that I was simply lurking and would
>>> not volunteer to address the quorum issue raised on today's LC call
>>> and offer the following comments for the LC's consideration.
>>> The concern that was raised is that as more WGs are chartered and the
>>> number of voting members of the LC becomes larger, it will become
>>> increasingly difficult to conduct business because the LC will not be
>>> able to gather a quorum of voting members on many calls.  This
>>> "Quorum Brick Wall" could prove to be a very serious impediment to
>>> getting work done (as it has in technical groups in the past in other
>>> organizations). 
>>> After investigating this, I think I have good news.
>>> _
>>> _Section 3.3 (2nd paragraph) of the Kantara Initiative Bylaws states:
>>>     "/Except when otherwise specified in these Bylaws and other
>>>     Controlling Documents, approval requires a Simple Majority
>>>     (greater than 50%) of those voting when a Quorum exists./"
>>> Section 2.6 (2nd paragraph) of the Kantara Initiative Operating
>>> Procedures states:
>>>     /"A majority of the voting members of the LC shall constitute a
>>>     quorum.  _*Actions taken in the absence of a quorum*_ shall be
>>>     confirmed by electronic ballot of all voting members of the
>>>     LC."/  (emphasis added)
>>> This permits the LC to initiate business without the presence of a
>>> quorum, but requires an electronic ballot to approve any business if
>>> a quorum is not present. 
>>> Since Section 2.6 does not provide further guidance, I recommend that
>>> the LC make clear how it will operate when a quorum is not present by
>>> passing a resolution to establish the threshold number of voting
>>> members that must be present for an LC meeting to be able to initiate
>>> votes.  This resolution should be passed either at an LC meeting
>>> where a quorum is present or via an electronic ballot.  In my opinion
>>> it does not require a change to the Bylaws or Operating Procedures.
>>> If you do not wish to do take the above action, a workable
>>> alternative would be the one that Conor suggested on today's call --
>>> Establish a rule to place LC members in non-voting status for failure
>>> to attend (and not be counted in the Quorum and votes-needed
>>> totals).  This rule must include a "simple/easy" way to be
>>> re-instated as a voting member.  To do this will require a change to
>>> the Operating Procedures since the Operating Procedures (section 2.1)
>>> includes the following statement: "/WG Chairs (or Alternate) are
>>> voting members of the LC./"
>>> Footnote: The Kantara Initiative Bylaws defines four (4) types of
>>> majority:
>>>     * Simple Majority (<50% of those voting)                        
>>>       vs       Majority (>50% of _all_ voting members)
>>>     * Supermajority of those Voting (<=75% of those voting)   vs     
>>>       Supermajority (<=75% of all voting members).
>>>           ..... RogerM
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