[KI-LC] LC membership roster

Eve Maler Eve.Maler at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 15 13:04:39 PDT 2009

Many thanks to Joni, Britta, and Trent for helping me compile this  
info.  Please check out the newly redesigned roster:


Since a single person might have multiple roles, only some of which  
contribute to voting status, I've organized the table in a name- 
primary fashion (nor have I included Kantara Member affiliations since  
it's irrelevant for LC membership or chairmanship).  Some questions  
that arose for me in the doing:

- When does the "initial startup period" officially end?  Should the  
proposed chairs who have been "grandfathered in" be hastening to get  
their charters accepted and approved at this point?

- Is Myisha an alternate for Frank on the IAWG?  The charter still  
lists her as one of the chairs.

- I couldn't find a requirement for us to meet quorum through >50% of  
*voting* members, just >50% of *any* members (the type of LC member  
goes unspecified in the bylaws for quorum purposes).  I don't see this  
as a problem, but wanted to check that this was the intent.  Perhaps a  
question for our to-the-BoT and from-the-BoT reps?

Please review very carefully and let me know if I've made any mistakes  
or if you have suggestions for improvement.  I will attempt to edit  
this right away on approval of new WGs and DGs in future.



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