[KI-LC] Revised DRAFT: Policy for Joining Groups and Group Discussion Lists

Bob Pinheiro kantara at bobpinheiro.com
Tue Jul 14 09:56:46 PDT 2009

The Overview section of the policy states: "When joining a WG or DG, you 
will be required to agree to the Group's Intellectual Property Rights 
(IPR) policy by completing a Group Participation Agreement for that 
Group.  Upon submission, your request will be validated by KI staff, and 
you will be added to the Group's discussion List."

I believe this is not correct.  A new participant is not automatically 
subscribed to the email discussion list, but needs to separately 
subscribe.  In fact, the invitation emails sent out to the Community 
mailing list outline a three step process that a new participant is 
supposed to follow: (a) agree to the IPR; (b) subscribe to the mailing 
list; (c) get an account with an Identity Provider.   However, I've 
noticed that there are several participants in the Consumer Identity WG 
that did not subscribe to the mailing list, not to mention getting an 
account with an IdP.  I'm assuming this is because these three steps are 
completely independent of each other and are not tied together in some 
way for new participants.

To correct this, I would like to suggest that the home page template for 
each of the WGs/DGs be modified to spell out the complete process for 
participating in a WG/DG.  A newcomer wanting to participate in any of 
the WGs/DGs will likely not be aware of this process.  Ideally, the 
mechanism for joining a group should link these three steps together. 
One option could be that clicking on the JOIN THIS GROUP button brings 
up a page that allows the new participant to complete each of the three 
steps in one place.    Another option could be that when the new 
participant clicks on the JOIN THIS GROUP button and fills out the basic 
information requested and then hits the Submit button, the system could 
automatically take the person to the email subscription page.  When this 
is completed, the new participant could then be taken to the page for 
signing up with an Identity Provider.

I understand there may be cases where there would need to be a delay 
after the first step, such as when the staff needs to validate a new 
participant request.  In that case, once the request is validated, the 
system could automatically subscribe the new participant to the mailing 
list.  A notification email could be sent with instructions for getting 
an account with an Identity Provider.


Bob Pinheiro
Chair, Consumer Identity WG
kantara at bobpinheiro.com

J. Trent Adams wrote:
> Roger et al. -
> Thanks for your help bringing this to closure.
> I hope everyone in the LC will read the latest draft on the wiki so we
> can give it the nod on tomorrow's call.
> Thanks again,
> Trent
> Joni Brennan wrote:
>> +1 - I agree that the reworked policy is now very clear and I'm on
>> board with it. 
>> Thanks,
>> Joni
>> On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 7:55 AM, Roger Martin
>> <roger.martin at corp.aol.com <mailto:roger.martin at corp.aol.com>> wrote:
>>     Thanks, Eve.
>>     You're right.  As a matter of principle (and grammar), "principle"
>>     in the first sentence should be "principal". :-)
>>     I have made these changes to the online version:
>>     http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/Groups+Email+Discussion+List+Policy
>>         ...rogerM
>>     Eve Maler wrote:
>>>     The policy doc looks great!  Thanks for reworking it; the intent
>>>     is now very clear.
>>>     (Only one nit: I think "principal", rather than "principle", is
>>>     meant in the very first sentence.)
>>>     Eve
>>>     On 14 Jul 2009, at 6:40 AM, Roger Martin wrote:
>>>>     <Policy for Joining Groups and Group Discussion Lists-rjm4.pdf>
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