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..and regarding the BoT view on budget size action 2009-08-19-1, I quote the relevant text from the (draft) BoT Minutes this morning.
This is at the risk these may change but time is tight for a response to the L/C and the weekend/non communication is very close for me now..!
"..encouraged to submit proposals for those things they think are critical for doing their work without thinking in financial bounds. We want to encourage a culture of enthusiasm and passion where groups are encouraged to think hard about what they need and put together strong proposals to justify the funding that they need. These proposals have been encouraged to come directly to the finance committee vs rolled up entirely by the LC and then submitted...."

Both Brett and I spoke to this agenda item. The BoT was largely comfortable with his summary guidance to the L/C as 'approach it like you would approach a bid for grant or sponsorship funding'. In such cases you don't know how much they have to spend (and maybe even the grantors don't know exactly) but (obviously) the more money sought the stronger the 'business case'needs to be.


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Please review these minutes and let me know if you see any problems:


I have summarized the (single) action item from yesterday's meeting  




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