[KI-LC] Kantara Initiative Budget Preparation Process - 2010 Budget

Roger Martin roger.martin at corp.aol.com
Thu Aug 27 15:41:53 PDT 2009

To: Individual Chairs of Kantara Initiative (via Leadership Council 
mailing list)
CC: Budget Preparation Committee (Ken, Brett, Trent)

As the Chair of Budget Preparation Committee, based on the briefing I've 
received from Brett McDowell and Colin Wallis regarding the Leadership 
Council call this week, I concur with the guidance that Brett provided 
to the chairs for how to approach crafting budget requests. To reiterate 
and to highlight some key milestones, here is the process we will follow 
in drafting the 2010 Kantara Initiative budget:

1) Chairs submit budget requests directly to the BPC as soon as possible 
(send them to Brett since I am on vacation supposedly starting three 
hours ago!)

2) *The deadline for submission is September 9th*, which leaves two days 
for the BPC to prepare our materials for the Las Vegas meeting.

    /note: if you don't get your submission in by September 9th, we may
    still be able to consider your request up until the time the final
    budget is approved, about November 1st.  That said, the longer you
    wait the less opportunity you'll have to build support for your
    proposal.  To help you meet this deadline, I encourage you to make
    your proposals even without financial data.  If you know what you
    want to achieve, but you don't know what it will cost, submit your
    request anyway.  We can help put numbers to your project plans./

3) In Las Vegas the BPC members on-site will facilitate a discussion 
with the Leadership Council along the lines of "here's what we 
anticipate being able to spend, here are the requests that have come in, 
time to prioritize... what's most important to our mission in 2010".

4) Based on input from the Leadership Council in Las Vegas, the BPC will 
prepare a budget for LC approval.  

5) The LC-approved budget will be submitted to the Board of Trustees 

6) The Board of Trustees will deliberate and fine-tune the budget, in 
dialog with the Leadership Council.

7) The Board will vote on the budget by November 1st (a BPC self-imposed 
deadline to support smooth operations as we transition between 2009 and 

Since I'm headed off on vacation, I won't be able to field any questions 
before I return on September 9th.  I will leave it to Brett, Trent, and 
Ken as BPC members to address your questions and guide you through the 
process so we have some solid proposals to discuss in Las Vegas.

good luck,

     roger martin
Roger Martin, Treasurer, Kantara Initiative
     22260 Pacific Blvd    41A:A03
     Dulles, VA 20166
email: roger.martin at corp.aol.com
         AIM:       rjmartin99
         phone:  703-265-6203
         mobile: 703-389-1547
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