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I already have a hard time making time for the calls so adding 30 minutes is just is too much time for me.
John Fraser

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All -

In the past we've run into times when our agenda has exceeded the
scheduled 60 minutes per week.  While I've tried to keep the calls
moving to hit all topics, I've occasionally had to drop or defer items
to keep within the scheduled bounds.  This week we ran into a hard stop
with another call coming in on the heels of our call.

Please respond to this with a "+1" if you feel that we should extend the
KI Leadership Council teleconferences by an additional 30 minutes each week.

If the additional 30 minutes is approved in the schedule, I will
continue to manage against 60 minutes, and will plan to use the
additional time only as an over-run when necessary.

Otherwise, if the additional time is not approved, I will ask the Staff
to try and not schedule other calls to start immediately after ours so
that we at least have a couple minutes to close out open topics, if

Thanks in advance,

J. Trent Adams

Outreach Specialist, Trust & Identity
Internet Society

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