[KI-LC] How secret the "secret ballot" is?

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Tue Aug 18 22:46:02 PDT 2009

I believe the intent of secrecy is to give participants confidence  
that they can choose their leadership team without repercussions.   
It's appropriate to give the precise results of the vote (if anyone  
cares -- in the case of singular nominees it may not be that  
interesting to know!).


On Aug 18, 2009, at 6:10 PM, Kenji Takahashi wrote:

> Hi,
> I just want to get opinions/consensus on how we should communicate  
> with
> members about results of secret ballots.
> Should we say simply "The Candidate got the Majority"? Or in details,
> "51 Yes votes and 22 No votes, out of 100 potential votes"?
> Regards,
> Kenji
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Eve Maler
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